The Field Project

The Field Project, is an educational forum offering a unique curriculum for practicing joyful awareness, conscious creating, and shifting into more aligned states of identity.

Our Titles

The following is a list of our "Self Study" titles available for immediate download and use.

The Field Project Course


The Field Project's Course takes consciousness-as-cause to a new depth, in an eight-week, self-study program (available both in PDF and MP3 audio form).

$225 - $180

Aligned Parenting

This beautifully illustrated, 80-page curriculum is designed to help parents apply Field Project principles and practices to child rearing.


Field Coaching

Field Coaching is a beautifully illustrated, 54-page curriculum that presents the same principles and methods used by Field Project Coaches in actual coaching sessions, all in a convenient self-study format.


One Hundred Days

One Hundred Days is a daily reader and reference designed to help you stay aligned throughout the year. It also can be used as an oracle in the tradition of the ancient I Ching to tap deeper currents of consciousness and intention.


Audio Series

The Field Project AudioSeries, written and narrated by the Field Project's founder and author of the Course, Philip Golabuk, takes a fascinating look at the paradoxical nature of Particle and Field in its dual aspects of identity and relationship.


Phone Sessions

Field Project phone sessions provide a combination of philosophical counseling, facilitating, and coaching based on the principles and methods of the Field model designed to support clients as they shift from contradictions and suffering to alignment, relief, joy, peace, and greater fulfillment.


The Course Live

The Course Live  provides a new way for our students to complement the Course self-study—with live, one-on-one classes designed to deliver the many benefits of working with a teacher, allowing students to review and deepen their understanding of Field principles and practice.

$600 - $900

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